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Vintage Train Videos From A&R Productions
Shipping Rates - $5.00 Per Order

Our programs include historic train footage taken from old movie film from the 1930's to the 1970's. They are unique - none are available elsewhere. If you love trains - steam, diesel or electric, passenger, freight or even trolleys - then you will love our tapes. Whether you are a railfan, a railroad historian or are into nostalgia, you must try our videos. Most tapes contain accurate sounds of the steam locomotives, diesel locomotives or the whine of traction motors.

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Categorized Master Video Index
A Northern New England Caboose Odessey

The owner of a private caboose is requested to loan the car to the New Hampshire Central RR, which was required to take officials on an inspection tour of it’s statefunded rehabilitation work. The car was shipped from Northfield-Tilton, New Hampshire via rail. The owner rode along on the St. L. & A! His friend, Gary Gurske, a former Conrail trainman, followed the move and captured it on tape.
  • New Hampshire Southern
  • Guilford, Dover to Rigby
  • St. Lawrence and Atlantic, Danville Jct. to Berlin with GATX power, on former Grand Trunk
  • St. L. & A, Berlin to N. Stratford with Canadian National Power
  • New Hampshire Central on former MEC Beecher’s Falls branch
  • Ditching on NHC using CN Jordan Spreader
  • And more..... 87 minutes,Dolby Stereo, color

DVD+R. $29.95

ALCOs on the Island - The Long Island Rail Road

"Out on the Island". To New Yorkers, that means "Long Island". Unless you want to be stuck in heavy traffic, getting there means riding the Long Island Rail Road. That means riding one of the roads ubiquitous multiple unit trains, perhaps transferring at Jamaica to a diesel powered train. In the sixties, that would have been an ALCO diesel powered train. Ride MP-54, MP-70, MP-72 and M-1 MU's and behind ALCO C420's, RS-3's, RS-1's and F-M C-Liner's

68 minutes, color, sound, narration and maps.

DVD+R. $29.95


Before The Wires Came Down - The Springfield Terminal Railroad

Where in New England would you look to find an interurban trolley line that interchanged with a major steam road, crossed a state line on a toll bridge (that they owned), hauled freight behind steeplecab freight motors and served several large industries in a small city? The Springfield Terminal Railway ran eight miles between Springfield, Vermont to Charlestown, New Hampshire, where it interchanged passengers and freight with the Boston and Maine. This video takes us back to 1956, when ST owner, the B&M, decided to dieselize the little line. They sent in one of their bright young managers, who was also a railfan and recognized the historical significance in the traction equipment being made surplus. He notified several traction museums of the opportunity to obtain and preserve some of these cars. The Connecticut Electric Railway Association and its president, Karl Hartman, quickly availed itself of the offer by purchasing line car number 8, plow number 12 and former combine car number 16. Before the cars came to Connecticut, Karl made a couple of visits to the ST and was able to operate or ride on the equipment. He took his 8 mm movie camera- hence, we get to visit the ST- before the wires came down. Color, Narration, Sound. 47 minutes.

Boston and Maine Volume 1

Ride the head end of a mainline passenger train from South Acton to the bumping post in North Station. Step off the power and watch the rush hour parade of steam and diesel commuters. Then we ride the head end on the Concord and Montreal into Woodsville, just before the line was abandoned. Cab rides through Hoosac, on the Central Mass line and many other delights.

55 minutes, color, stereo sound, narration and maps.

Chiefs of the Santa Fe

Famed in song and legend, the Atchisan, Topeka and Santa Fe is a great railroad. Although now merged with the Burlington Northern, our video brings back the Santa Fe of long ago! We've heard that film on Santa Fe steam is somewhat rare. "Chiefs..." features the steam-diesel transition era in Cajon Pass and Sullivan's Curve. Mikados, 4-8-4's and 2-10-2's smoke it up with Santa Fes great passenger fleet, either alone or as helpers on the point with the 1st generation diesels. The program starts with a black and white documentary produced by the railroad to promote the "Super Chief". From Chicago to LA, we experience all the amenities of this great train! From the various sleeping car types, to the lounges and diners and the luxury service, experience life on "the train of the stars". Experience the four seasons at Raton Pass through Colorado and New Mexico. First and second generation diesels parade through Raton, Starkville, Trinidad, around Wootton Curve and through Raton Tunnel. Cabs in the red "Warbonnet" paint, passenger cowl units along with a variety of blue and yellow "Geeps", lead passengers and freight through the pass. Finally, back east, we catch the parade of "Chiefs" on Edelstein Hill between Chillicothe and Galesburg in Illinois. Color/B&W, Narration, Sound. 35 minutes.

Conrail's Boston and Albany- Through a Trainman's Eyes

Gary Gurske often took his video camera to work as a trainman for Conrail’s Boston line. As a member of the Worcester crew pool, he was called for trains from Guilford’s Ayer yard to Selkirk and return. These are his memories as represented by train SEMA in 1990. The program covers Selkirk Yard, the Selkirk branch and the Boston and Albany between Post Road and Worcester. Also featured is the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus blue unit train. The train is heading west and stops at Springfield Station to feed and water the animals.

$29.95, 70 Minutes, Color, Sound, Narration


Heislers, Shays & Other Teakettles

Off the mainline, you never know what you might find. Short lines, small locomotives, light rails and friendlier crews. Such were the three lines we visit here. The East Tennessee and Western North Carolina's standard gauge remnants still used two ex-Southern consolidations well into the 1960's and we catch the both in Johnson City, Tennessee at the service area. The Mississippian operated its 24 mile line between Avery and Fulton, Mississippi, with a pair of ex-Frisco consolidations. The Gainesville Midland operated two 41 mile lines out of Gainesville, Georgia, to Athens and Monroe. The line used a group of photogenic decapods. Great color and great pacing shots of the ancient 2-10-0's. Wherever there was timber to be harvested, there were tiny railroads to haul it. Among these were the Southwest Lumber Company at Flagstaff, Arizona, Rayonier in Washington State and the most-famed Westside Lumber, whose narrow gauge Shays and Heislers hauled millions of board feet of lumber from the slopes. The Nevada Norther maintained ten wheeler number forty to run excursions. We see a fan trip using Southern Pacific passenger equipment. Finally, we ride "The Crookedest Railroad in the World" with Thomas Edison's camera rolling. The Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway was constructed on narrow gauge rails that climbed steep grades and traversed sharp curves behind Shay locomotives around the turn of the century. The goal of the line: a large resort at the top of the mountain for which passengers were carried. Join us as we coast- yes coast!- back to the base. A thrill a minute, no doubt. 35 Minutes, B&W/Color, Narration. 35 minutes.

Legends of the Blue Ridge

The Norfolk and Western Railway had faith in the steam locomotive. And why shouldn't they! They designed and built the most modern and efficient steam power right in their own Roanoke shops! Born as an outlet to the tidewater, the N&W attained rapid growth when coal was discovered in the Pocahontas region of Virginia and West Virginia. The heavy coal trains required ever larger locomotives to conquer the Blue Ridge grade to the sea. Their fleet evolved through several configurations, such as 4-8-0 "Mastadons", 4-8-2's, 2-6-6-2's 2-8-8-2's, 2-6-6-4's and 4-8-4's. This video takes us back to a time when most Class I's had completely bannished the steamer, But the N&W still used the class "K" and class "J" on passenger trains and the "Y" class articulateds and the fabulous class "A" 2-6-6-4's on freight and coal trains, usually with one or more on each end of the train. Visit the Petersburg area in eastern Virginia and the steep grades over the Blue Ridge, between Crewe and Christiansburg, especially at the summit. A few of the "oddballs" also show up at Shaffer's Crossing, including a brief appearance by "Jawn Henry". 1 hour, Color, Narration, Sound

Mass Traction Action

Sixty years ago, every major city had a mass transportation system that operated on steel rails embedded in its streets and powered by overhead wires. Thanks to the late Donald Shaw for shooting these films in all kinds of weather and to Ken DeCelle for preserving them. Thanks, too, to Ken's brother, Richard, for allowing us to produce them. We visit three Massachusetts citys during the last days of traction operations. In Boston, we have RARE images of the narrow gauge Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn, complete with its cross harbor ferry boats, and the Boston Elevated Railway. Don had extensive coverage of the Springfield Street Railway, including the massive damage during the great 1938 hurricane and flood. Finally, we see the Holyoke Street Railway in service, right down to the burning of the cars and the scrapping of the right-of-way. Some scenes are in full color. B&W/Color, Narration, Sound. 58 minutes.

Midwest Interurbans

In the early decades of this century, you could go anywhere by rail. If the steam roads couldn't do it, then the interurbans and trolleys could. We portray several interurbans from the Nations heartland as they ran out their final years. The Illinois Terminal was a big road with lines from St. Louis to Peoria via Springfield and from Springfield to Bloomington via Decatur. We ride the "Bloomington Line" from Decatur through Macinaw Junction. In Iowa, we ride the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern while we chat with the motorman, run past an unusual dog and turn on the streets of Cedar Falls, all in the early '50's. Finally, we take a tour of Chicago area transportation system in the same era. The Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee, the Chicago, Aurora and Elgin, the Illinois Central electrics, the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend and an assortment of lines in the RTA. B&W/Color, Narration, Some sound. 35 minutes.

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