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Vintage Train Videos From A&R Productions
Shipping Rates - $5.00 Per Order

Our programs include historic train footage taken from old movie film from the 1930's to the 1970's. They are unique - none are available elsewhere. If you love trains - steam, diesel or electric, passenger, freight or even trolleys - then you will love our tapes. Whether you are a railfan, a railroad historian or are into nostalgia, you must try our videos. Most tapes contain accurate sounds of the steam locomotives, diesel locomotives or the whine of traction motors.

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Categorized Master Video Index

Northeast Steam

This tape is a steam powered tour. We'll stay close to home. Represented are some of the most memorable roads in the region during the first half of the 20th Century. The Rearding Railroad was once the largest and most powerful corporation in the United States. Such was the importance of anthracite coal in the 19th century. The Reading carried the coal, but they also carried commuters in the Philadelphia area. These films are taken at Reading Terminal, the Green Street enginehouse and the four track main. In the early thirties, there were still camelbacks in service. Pacifics and consolidations ply the Reading lines in eastern Pennsylvania. In the Confluence area, in western Pennsylvania, the Baltimore and Ohio's 4-8-2's and articulateds hauled passengers and freight. There may even be a "shark" sighting! Moving north, the Delaware and Hudson used powerful challengers and northerns on the grades over Mt. Ararat. Gleaming pacifics lead passenger jobs in Cobbleskill and Saratoga Springs. In New England, visit the Rutland to see the compact facilities at Bellows Falls. The "Whippet", the road's priority freight, makes an appearance. The ALCO diesels are seen in service with the steam engines, including the mountain-types. The "Green Mountain Flyer" and other passenger and milk trains also roll on the Burlington to Chatham main. Finally, there are more Thomas Edison turn-of-the-century films on the Ulster and Delaware around Kingston, New York and the Lehigh Valley, with camelbacks and rotary plows. B&W/Color, Narration, Sound. 46 minutes.

'Q' Connections

The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad was referred to as the "Burlington Route"- or, to fans, as the "Q". This program covers the CB&Q and other lines with which it had a relationship- hence, ""Q" Connections". The Burlington had maintained two of her steam locomo tives operational long after dieselization. They were fine public relations tools and were made available for fan trips and historic gatherings in on-line cities. One of these, the number 5632, a "Northern-type" 4-8-4, travelled to Denver for the 1963 NRHS Convention, where it hauled an excursion to Colorado Springs on the "Joint Line" and return. Witness as it delights the conventioners along the Front Range on the Rio Grande, then back to Denver on the Santa Fe iron. Then we spend a few hours at the Burlington's hub- Galesburg, Illinois. A 2-10-2 switches in the yards, and at the depot, a string of gleaming "Zephyrs" remind us of the glory days of passenger railroading. The zenith of the "Q"'s passenger operations came in the late '40's, with the "dome' car concept and the "California Zephyr", a great train from Chicago to San Francisco Bay, via the Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Western Pacific railroads. We ride in comfort on the Zephyr through the great plains, the Rockies and the Feather River Canyon. Then we hitch a ride back on a "Western Pacific Fast Freight" through the the canyon, around the wye at Keddie and back to Salt Lake City. Finally, we visit a short line in Iowa- The Manchester and Oneida. The line is still under steam with a nineteenth century 4-4-0, a CB&Q hand-me-down! Color/B&W, Narration, Sound. 47 minutes.

Rocky Mountain Mainlines of the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande and Santa Fe had parallel lines between Denver and Pueblo. During WW-I, the Railway Administration made the two lines effectively double iron. The D&RGW and Santa Fe were joined and the Colorado & Southern gained trackage rights with them. The C&S was a subsidiary of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy. Our film shows the variety of action on the line. Rio Grande first and second generation diesels, Santa Fe cab units, CB&Q, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern in its infancy. The future of the Rio Grande's Tennessee Pass line today is in jeopardy but we take you back to a winter where second generation power was assisted over the Pass by covered wagon helpers based at Minturn. Sprinkled through the program for good measure are numerous runbys of Rio Grande steam- in the Royal Gorge and Redcliffe and more! This tape has great color images you won't want to miss. Color, Sound, Narration. 48 Minutes.

Shields Over Sherman

The Union Pacific took on the Continental Divide head on! The ruling grade over Sherman Hill, between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, made the UP the leader in locomotive "super power". We start with an early glimpse of the UP at Cheyenne- in 1903! Thomas Edison filmed the bustle of activity at the depot at traintime. Then there is a parade of early challengers and northerns over Sherman. The UP has preserved much of its heritage. Northern-type 844 was a great public relations tool and led many an excursion in the sixties (and still does). We follow a typical trip out of Cheyenne up and over Sherman. There are also a series of color runbys that feature the UP's heavy freights in the '50's, featuring Mikados, Challengers and Big Boys fighting the grades and winds over Sherman. The UP entered the diesel era with the same attidude toward motive power-"bigger is better"! "Three Track" was added over Sherman Hill in the '50's which greatly enhanced capacity. But the DD35's, ALCO C855's, U50's, Turbines and the 6900-class "Centenial" DD40's kept the "super power" concept. You will experience them all! This video takes you back to the early days of steam and the great streamliners. Lots of action! Color/B&W, Narration, Sound. 45 minutes.

Southern Pacific Daylight Time

This program is made up of five films about the ESPEE. The Southern Pacific completed "Coast Route" between Los Angeles and San Francisco early this century. Its famed "Daylight" trains had moved passemgers between these cities on the inland route around Tehachapi in great style. In the thirties, the "Coast Daylight" was born and became the most popular of all. Hugging the Pacific Coast the entire route, the train provided beautiful scenery to the day time traveller. Our views of the train were taken very early on before the new Union station opened. Stop at Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, the power change terminal, Salinas and San Francisco. We also ride the "Golden State" from Chicago through Tucumcari, on the Sunset Route, to LA. This train was a joint operation of the SP and the Rock Island. On the Shasta Route to Oregon, see several of the Southern Pacific's unique "cab forward" steam locomotives. In 1952, the winter over Donner Pass produced an incredible 60+ feet of snow! Tour the snow sheds, watch the SP's snow removal strategy, using rotarys, Jordan Spreaders and flangers. Watch as the marooned "City of San Francisco" is hauled out of the drifts. Finally, watch colorful "Black Widow" cab diesels on Donner in the summer. B&W/Color, Narration, Sound. 45 minutes.

Steam Shortlines - Southern Style

Fantastic color images from 8 mm film taken in the Appalachians on the last holdouts of steam railroading! They carried everything from coal to chemicals and from titanium to tourists! We all know of the Cass Scenic Railroad. Our material stems from the early days of the tourist line in the '60's. The Shays were ferrying passengers up Bald Knob and the lumber mill was still standing. The Virginia Blue Ridge Railway had two steam locomotives. Out program features an 0-6-0, of US Army origin, as it hauls titanium dioxide to a Southern Railway interchange. The standard gauge remnants of the narrow gauge "Tweetsie", The East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR, soldiered on into the early sixties using two beautiful ex-Southern Consolidations. Follow the 2-8-0's as they work from Johnson City to Elizabethton. The famed Buffalo Creek and Gauley still used Consolidations well into the '60's. Watch them struggle mightily upgrade with empty hoppers for the mine at Widen, West Virginia. This tape is the definitive work on the operations of the BC&G. Color, Narration, Music. 44 minutes.

Tennessee Narrow Gauge

This is a two-tape set. It represents the definitive visual program on the last active narrow gauge railroad in the Blue Ridge. These films are the property of the ET&WNC Historical Society. The society approached A&R to help them produce these videos. It didn't take us long to say "yes". Tape ET-1 represents the "Tweetsie" during 1942 and 1943, when in addition to wartime freight traffic, the line was operating mandatory passenger service for the warboard to handle commuter traffic to and from the defense plants at Port Rayon. Follow the little ten-wheelers from Johnson City yard, through Elizabethton, Hampton, Blevins, Roan Mountain and Elk Park to Cranberry. Experience the raw beauty of the Doe River Gorge. Watch the passenger consists being wyed at Cranberry and Port Rayon, freight crews switching along the line and two "crew members" with cameras! Our crew returned in 1949, with but a year left until abandonment. The passenger service and the little line is struggling to stay solvent. But the same beautiful scenery and locomotives and the same friendly crews make our final visit as rewarding as the first. Don't miss these tapes- they are a wonderful experience! Color, Narration, Sound. 70 minutes.

The Central Vermont Railway in Steam

Two local railfans, independently, but following the same path, each set out with a vengeance to capture the last days of steam in the mid 1950's. The Central Vermont had not dieselized and so presented a great opportunity for them. Thanks to their efforts, we can follow the CV's feisty Consolidations through the four seasons. Towns featured are New London, Yantic, Willimantic, Tolland and Stafford Springs in Connecticut, Monson, Palmer, Belchertown and Miller's Falls in Massachusetts and Brattleboro, Essex Junction and St. Albans in Vermont. Parent Canadian National sent their excursion locomotive, giant 4-8-4 number 6218, to the CV for a trip between White River Junction, Vermont, to New London. You'll see her in all her glory, in full color! In a side trip, we visit the diminutive steamers of the "Rock of Ages" quarry. Color, Narration, Music. 57 minutes.

Central Vermont Railway in Steam Volume 2

Our first video about the CV in steam brought cries for "more". We were fortunate to obtain two more film collections with enough steam action for a second volume (we now have the film for a future Vol. III). CV-2 focuses on the CV in Massachusetts and Vermont, particularly on the "700's", the roads big 2-10-4's, New England's largest. The 2-8-0's are the stars, but almost every CV class is represented, from 0-6-0's, 0-8-0's, the passenger mountain-type 4-8-2's and a few Canadian National C-Liner diesels. Highlights include a through freight in Amherst, Massachusetts that had been powered by a brace of C-Liners. One of the growlers broke down and the local freight's consol was called in to bail it out. Running tender forward, the feisty 2-8-0 struggled with all her might, continually slipping, spewing smoke and cinders, at a walking pace, but managing to get the train over the grade! A classic episode of steam railroading at its best! The 2-10-4 "Santa Fe"-types were too heavy to run south of Brattleboro, Vermont. We follow one of the beasts northward out of Brattleboro on a sub-zero degree winter morning with a heavy freight in tow. Fantastic! Color (some Black and White), Narration, Sound. 57 Minutes.

The Central Vermont Railway in Steam Vol 3

We are continuing our Central Vermont in Steam series. Here is all new, all color film taken in the early fifties. Actually, this is a two tape set. The main tape, CV-3, covers CV steam in Willimantic as a southbound local enters the yard, does some switching, then heads south, through South Windham, Lebanon and Norwich. We catch a train in Montville, where a double-header does some switching. Moving north, we sample the action in Monson and Palmer, then on the West Hartford Bridge and at White River Junction. We explore the CV's main facilities in St. Albans, then take a ride in the caboose of the Richford Branch local. This is a classic study of old time railroading and some of the procedures are amazing! CV-4 is an 11 minute bonus tape that covers a cab ride from East New London to Mansfield, CT- in a Canadian National EMD covered wagon! These tapes are a "must-have"! Color, Narration, Sound. 58 minutes.

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